Being in-between work challenges our finances, sense of identity and personal health

Regroup, recover and generate effective strategies to move your career and life forward

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The Institute for Career Transitions (ICT) is a not-for-profit provider of collaborative path-finding services for unemployed, under-employed or unhappily employed experienced professionals.


ICT’s feedback-rich co-learning community for those actively looking for work.

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Beyond financial well-being, the psychological impact of being unemployed and under-employed are just beginning to be explored.

We believe assumptions about our careers need to be redefined. How do we navigate disrupted career paths due to being suddenly unemployed, especially during mid or late career changes, and in times of uncertainty? We believe that, together, we can help one another through these challenging transitions better than if we try alone.

ICT provides a safe place to develop your strengths and talents; a home to work with others to effectively navigate your transitions. A safe place for you to develop a renewed sense of well-being after overcoming unemployment – allowing you to show up to your next opportunity as your best self.

Our economic and social worlds are changing drastically.


of workers between turning 50 and reaching retirement suffer at least one layoff, or other type of involuntary job separation

1 / 10

workers over 50, after a job loss, will earn as much as they did previously


of the unemployed fall into the long-term unemployed (over 6 months)


for the unemployed who are age 55+, long-term unemployment is nearly double (35-40%)

What Our Community Says

ICT brings together people who are dealing with similar situations. It allows people to feel that they’re not in this circumstance alone, that even though there are supposedly low unemployment rates, it’s very challenging for more experienced, mature workers who have lost their jobs to find new work.

AbeICT Collaboratory Member

ICT helped me feel encouraged to continue to get out there and to just look differently at jobs and opportunities than I had ever in the past.

NormaICT Collaboratory Member

The community support experience around the job search was very important. Doing a job search can be a lonely experience. Having a cohort of folks who were going through the same process and to be able to see what’s working for other people and to adapt your own search based on different ideas and perspectives was very valuable.

CarlosICT Collaboratory Member

ICT really helped me to think about other avenues where I could apply my skills. The support from other members who were in the same situation was really helpful in helping me to think creatively about what I could do next.

LucyICT Collaboratory Member

There is a large reservoir of talent in late career workers which is shamefully wasted by the current American corporate structure as it operates today. I admire any organization whose focus is on improving this issue and the lives of people affected by it.

R.H.Job Seeker

I have been part of ICT since its inception and feel that it is a place where you can feel comfortable and safe especially during one of the most vulnerable times of your professional life to discuss what’s next.

C.D.ICT Community

Together, we can support one another through this unscripted journey better than if we try alone.

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