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Antiracist Style Indicator (ASI)

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There’s more to being an antiracist than aligning yourself with its value and endorsing its principles. The Antiracist Style Indicator (ASI) is an online self-assessment tool designed to provide you with information on your effectiveness in eradicating racism. Being an antiracist involves making intentional and conscious decisions to support policies, practices and procedures that promote racial equity. Being an antiracist is also a dynamic process that plays out in your everyday life in your attitudes and beliefs. Beyond working to dismantle systemic racism, being an antiracist involves how you express yourself as a racial person and how you interact within a multiracial society with others who do not share your same racial identity.

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Do What You Want, Be What You Are (Hall & Oates)


Do what you want, be what you are
Do what you want girl, but be what you are
There ain’t no right er wrong way
Just a play from the heart
It ain’t a sign of weakness to give yourself away
Because the strong give up and move on,
While the weak, weak give up and stay
So do what you want to do
But be what you are …
Do you believe in hot cars,
Leather bars, or movie stars
Is that what’s real
Payin’ dues, earth shoes, chicago blues
Is that how you feel?
You can change, but you can’t conceal
What’s deep inside you
Lt’s your game, lt’s your deal
So do what you want to do
But be what you are…

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Daryl Hall / John Oates
Do What You Want, Be What You Are lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

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In the Right Direction

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Do you ever feel like you’re ready to try something new? Or change the old stories and the way you think about your life? Or accomplish that big goal? Maybe you get excited….and then you hear yourself saying, nah…because you think it’s too late or too hard or you don’t know where to start. Life and Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum will help you on your self-help journey to clarify your goals, build your confidence, and create your life to increase your happiness and productivity.

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