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A new media brand for people who are redefining what it means to grow older and are looking forward to what’s next. Their goal is to provide smart, useful, thought-provoking, and engaging content about the aspirations, challenges, and joys of this stage of life.

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In the Right Direction

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Do you ever feel like you’re ready to try something new? Or change the old stories and the way you think about your life? Or accomplish that big goal? Maybe you get excited….and then you hear yourself saying, nah…because you think it’s too late or too hard or you don’t know where to start. Life and Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum will help you on your self-help journey to clarify your goals, build your confidence, and create your life to increase your happiness and productivity.

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Together, we can support one another through this unscripted journey better than if we try alone.

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