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July 25


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Institute for Career Transitions

Is it time to take on an upskilling challenge to enhance your marketability?

ICT’s 4-week Upskilling Challenge

Is it time to take on an upskilling challenge to enhance your marketability?

As part of our summer programming, ICT will take a small cohort through a 4-week upskilling process.

Staying motivated and focused on your own can be a challenge.

Being part of a cohort, team, or club, is a key factor for many in sustaining motivation and success.

Are you in need of enhancing your career capital by upgrading an aspect of your skillset?

Be a part of ICT’s upskilling program this summer.

We know that it’s not enough to have up-to-date skills that are in demand. Those looking must see that you have those skills. Our program will also walk you through the process of designing and documenting your learning project in a way that increases your visibility and demonstrates your value to those looking for people like you.

4-week program includes:

• Identifying a skill to improve.

• Design a learning sprint.

• Implement your learning program.

• Document & demonstrate your skillset.

• Evaluate and adapt your program based on feedback to keep your momentum.

Participants will meet twice a week. Mondays are content-driven 2-hour sessions. Thursdays are peer-driven 45-minute sessions for accountability and Q&A.

Proposed Schedule

Four consecutive Mondays and Thursdays starting July 25

– Mondays 10 AM-Noon ET

– Thursday 4 PM-4:45 PM ET.

Tuition $45. (If finances are the only barrier to attending, please reach out to discuss.)

Let us know if you’re interested but the suggested meeting times are a problem. We may be able to accommodate schedule adjustments based on the needs of the group.