Leaders In Our Community

We are a growing community of leaders and contributors – researchers, coaches, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and job seekers – from across the US and the world, interested in the impact of new economic realities, and the systemic and cultural shifts, affecting how we think about and manage our careers.

Board Members

Deborah burkholder nthowp

Deborah Burkholder

President, Executive Director

Education: B.S., Education and Psychology – Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Raymond Weatherby

Secretary, Interim VP

Vice President, Imaging and Software Engineering Conformis, Inc.
Education: Master’s in Organizational Leadership, Southern NH University; BS Health Science, Northeastern University

Beau Hill, JD, CPA


Education: Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Michigan State University; Juris Doctorate, Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Vinay Singh, MBA, Ed.M.

Director, Strategy & Leadership

Author, Your Future in Pieces: How Ageism and Income Inequality is destroying America; 2019 Amazon Top Ten Best Seller: Labor Econ & Org Gerontology
Education: Ed.M. Adult Learning and Leadership, Columbia University, MBA Management of Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, BA, Communications, The Ohio State University
Ofer sharonejpg xsru09

Ofer Sharone, Ph.D.

Founder, Director


Elizabeth White


Aging advocate; Author of 55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal
Education: M.B.A. - Harvard Business School; Masters in International Studies - Johns Hopkins University; B.S., Political Science - Oberlin College

Joanne West Metzger, MBA, PMP, CSM


Education: M.B.A. - Sloan Fellowship in Innovation and Global Leadership, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bachelors in Math and Computer Science, University of Waterloo
Tom mcdonough zdhj8b

Tom McDonough

Director, Director of Programs

Education: M.Div., Ministry - St. John’s Seminary; B.S., Chemistry – University of Massachusetts Lowell, Ph.D., A.B.D., Union Institute & University - Health and Personal Mastery

Leadership and Advisors


Amy Mazur

Coach Advisory Committee

Education: Masters of Education, Counseling & Consulting Psychology - Harvard University; B.S., Psychology - University of Michigan

Jie Yang, Ph.D.

Quantitative Researcher; Program Evaluator

Assistant Professor at the East Carolina University School of Social Work
Education: M.S.W., Ph.D. - Boston College

David Blustein, Ph.D.

Advisory Board

Ph.D., Professor, Lynch School of Education - Boston College
Education: Ph.D, Counseling Psychology - Columbia University; M.S., Counselor Education/School Counseling and Guidance Services - Queens College; B.A., Psychology - State University of New York at Stony Brook

Chris Soucy


Principal, Innate Force Consulting
Education: M.S., Human Resource Management - Suffolk University; B.S., Social Psychology - Suffolk University

Susan Joyce


Publisher/Editor of Job-Hunt.org
Education: M.B.A., Information Systems and Operations Management - Boston University Questrom School of Business; B.S., History and Political Science - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

David A. Novis, M.D.

President, Novis Consulting
Education: M.D. - The Larner College of Medicine at University of Vermont; F.C.A.P. - University of California San Francisco



  • Ofer Sharone
  • Gokce Basbug
  • Michelle Rosin


  • Cath Amory
  • Mark Biddle
  • Arleen Bradley
  • Deborah Burkholder
  • Catherine Butler
  • Matt Casey
  • Mo Chanmugham
  • Arnold Clickstein
  • Joanne Dennison
  • Leigh Doherty
  • Robert Dolan
  • Suzy Drapkin
  • Nancy Dube
  • Deb Elbaum
  • Marion Estienne
  • Melinda Fabiano
  • Debra Faith House
  • Deborah Federico
  • Maggie French
  • Allyn Gardner
  • Wendy Gawlik
  • Tammy Gooler Loeb
  • Anne Grieves
  • Melanie Hamon
  • Clare Harlow
  • Kit Hayes
  • Dale Hinshaw
  • Jan Hodges
  • Richard Johnson
  • Susan Joyce
  • Cindy Key
  • Rachelle Lappinen
  • Pam Lassiter
  • Ed Lawrence
  • Lauren Lemieux
  • Gail Liebhaber
  • Debbie Lipton
  • Amy Mazur
  • Tom McDonough
  • Wilma Nachsin
  • Dorthy O’Beirne
  • Shannon O’Brien
  • Sara Pacelle
  • Bonnie Petrovich
  • Martha Plotkin
  • Jennifer Riggs
  • Michelle Rosin
  • Ilene Rudman
  • Karen Samuelson
  • Lisa Shapiro
  • Robin Slavin
  • Jan Stewart
  • Jennifer Straton
  • Alexandria Vasquez
  • Tish Wakefield
  • Patricia Weitzman
  • Lou Yelgin

Special Acknowledgements

To Tom McDonough and Scott Schulz, who helped bring the concept of the ICT Collaboratory to life and for refining the model along the way, and to the courageous nine who ventured into the unknown with us in the Collaboratory pilot.

ICT continues to be grateful for the myriad of contributions from our community members and job seekers in shaping the growth and evolution of our work; thank you for sharing your stories, skills, and suggestions! We are better together.

Job seekers
In memoriam

Scott Schulz


Business Development (2015-2018)
Board Secretary (2017-2018)

We will forever value and benefit from Scott’s presence, leadership, and wisdom, which he delivered with his unique mix of humor, practicality, and tough love.