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Amy Mazur

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My goal is to assist clients to overcome obstacles that may inhibit them at any point in the career management process from finding meaningful work. Through assessment, counseling, managing transitions and exploring realistic options, I encourage individuals to reflect on how work is represented in their lives.

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Antiracist Style Indicator (ASI)

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There’s more to being an antiracist than aligning yourself with its value and endorsing its principles. The Antiracist Style Indicator (ASI) is an online self-assessment tool designed to provide you with information on your effectiveness in eradicating racism. Being an antiracist involves making intentional and conscious decisions to support policies, practices and procedures that promote racial equity. Being an antiracist is also a dynamic process that plays out in your everyday life in your attitudes and beliefs. Beyond working to dismantle systemic racism, being an antiracist involves how you express yourself as a racial person and how you interact within a multiracial society with others who do not share your same racial identity.

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Arlene Kaplan

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Arlene Kaplan is the founder of Self-Mastery Solutions, specializing in the use of the Birkman Method® to help clients understand and appreciate their uniqueness, in the areas of career development, career change and transition. She is Sr. Certified Birkman Consultant whose clients range from executives to mid-career managers and includes college and high school students.

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