What are your priorities for 2023? 



A job search is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s hard work and often lonely. Our community provides a supportive, safe and empowering fellowship.

The benefits you’ll enjoy

Accountability Check-ins

Resource Library

Leadership and Skill Stretch

Peer-led weekly online check-ins. What’s the one thing you need to get done today? This week? Over 300 resources on well-being, career, life, and the economy. On-demand Slack community of fellow-Wayfinders. Use your leadership skills as you learn and practice new ones.

Private, online, and designed to provide the support you need right now.

Companionship on the Journey

Expand your network. Share stories, experiences, and resources. Choose the conversations that are most relevant for you.

Rediscovered Meaning

Apply your skills and talents right now by contributing your voice and experience to the community.

Increased Accountability

Create your own productivity teams to focus your job search. Work collaboratively in a small, supportive, cohort.

A Revitalized Resume

Learn by using new organizational and technical tools. Discover hidden strengths. Make yourself a more attractive, contemporary, candidate.

Content and Support

Strategy and skill-development workshops, drop-in times, sessions for members only. Member discounts on public offerings.

Support Transitioning
Back To Work

No matter what your next step is, let the community help you succeed as you transition back into a job, start a new gig or develop a new business idea.

ICT envisions a society where every professional can sustain a career through inevitable uncertainties and in which “work” is an evolving concept.

Together, we can support one another through this unscripted journey better than if we try alone. Stay informed by joining our mailing list.