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Are your Excel skills optimized for your next job?

Update Your Excel Skills

Do you know the basics but would like to learn more? ICT has partnered with My Software Tutor (MST) to offer real-time, online courses in Excel from a live instructor. MST delivers practical, functional business skills in a safe, supportive environment. Check the My Software Tutor website for Excel Fundamentals, Basic & Intermediate course dates.

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My Software Tutor

MST BIT: There are no restrictions to the number of sheets that can be created in an Excel workbook. With My Software Tutor, you are limited only by your computer’s memory and how many you can handle until your brain explodes. Build your Excel skills. Check out the courses at My Software Tutor.

ICT Partner Offer

Are you leveraging your LinkedIn profile and connections?

Check out Teddy Burriss’ offerings to master your use of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a serious business tool. Are you taking advantage of your LI assets? Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Consultant, Coach, Trainer & Keynote Speaker offers a free webinar for business professionals the second Tuesday of each month at 9 AM or 4 PM EST.

LinkedIn as a Business Tool

Are you interested in Mastering LinkedIn as a Business Tool? This two-session webinar series also includes a 1:1 session with Teddy Burriss. Sessions kick-off on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 4 PM EST with the second session on the following Wednesday.

ICT community members, check your benefits for promo code to save on the registration fee. 

Mastering LinkedIn