The Collaboratory: A 12-week intensive forum with the job search support you’ve been looking for

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Next cohort starts: June 21, 2022 (Woburn, MA)

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A broad spectrum of resources all in one program.

We provide expert job search support and strategies in a collaborative, feedback rich, supportive environment where you are learning and practicing the skills needed for success.

The Collaboratory is a 12-week work-like experience divided into three four-week sprints that build on one another.

  • Mental models and strategies for navigating uncertainty
  • Realistic assessment of your current condition/risk profile
  • Assessment of your means at hand: strengths, skills, experience, weaknesses, relationships
  • Clarifying your target: what you want to do, who you want to do it for, and why
  • Through this job search support system, we work on honing your job search productivity habits
  • Alignment of brand and job search materials with your Phase 1 Target: LinkedIn, Resume, etc. models and strategies for navigating uncertainty
  • Bringing others along: talking about and communicating your strengths, and strengths stories
  • Being found: developing a presence where your target is looking
  • Evaluating your results: what’s working, what’s not
  • Developing effective sprints to keep momentum
  • Bringing others along
  • Pre-mortem: what might go wrong; creating if…then… scenarios to address potential challenges
  • Interviewing
  • Accepting offers
  • Onboarding
  • Moving forward

The first 4-week sprint is focused on strategies and tactics for navigating the uncertainties inherent in a modern job search. As the job search support program continues there is a shift from content presentation to discussion and small teams. Accountability partners and teams will be established the first week and reevaluated at the end of week four.

I think the most beneficial part of ICT is that it brings together people who are dealing with similar situations. It allows people to feel that they’re not in this circumstance alone, that even though there are supposedly low unemployment rates, it’s very challenging for more experienced, mature workers who have lost their jobs to find new work.

AbeICT Collaboratory Member

I think the most beneficial part of ICT was feeling encouraged to continue to get out there and to just look differently at jobs and opportunities than I had ever in the past.

NormaICT Collaboratory Member

The community support experience around the job search was very important. Doing a job search can be a lonely experience. Having a cohort of folks who were going through the same process and to be able to see what’s working for other people and to adapt your own search based on different ideas and perspectives was very valuable.

CarlosICT Collaboratory Member

ICT really helped me to think about other avenues where I could apply my skills. The support from other members who were in the same situation was really helpful in helping me to think creatively about what I could do next.

LucyICT Collaboratory Member

"The Collaboratory has acted like an energy boost – not just in my job search, but in my thinking and actions."

ICT Collaboratory Member

My job search has started again with a purpose.

ICT Collaboratory Member

[The Collaboratory] shifted my thinking about how you make money and how you survive in this new work landscape.

ICT Collaboratory Member

Program Time Requirement

In the Collaboratory you will actively learn and practice the skills needed for success. It’s like going to work three days a week to manage your “work-in-between work.” If you are seeking a job search support system that makes an impact, this program is for you.

Are you ready?
June 2022 office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10AM - 1PM

Participants are expected to invest a minimum of six additional hours per week on program-specific and job search activities.

Are you ready? Contact us about joining the June cohort.