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ICT Wayfinders Series

Honing Your Career Compass

Tuesday's in August - Aug 10, 17, 24, 31 - 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. EDT

What practices can you employ to stoke the flames, orient and follow your energy and engagement compass?

This 4-part series is designed to energize and focus your job search, career, and life.

This is an action-based program where you will leverage your current skills and experience while adding new skills and experience to design a sustainable future. Short and long-term strategies will align and work together to reveal your path forward.

  • 4 two-hour sessions
  • Cohort-Based Learning (CBL)
  • Short and long-term strategy development and execution
  • 3-month access to the ICT Online Member Area
  • Two follow-up Q&A sessions to trouble shoot and keep your momentum

Weekly sessions build on each other.

1. Retreat

  • Connect with your energy and engagement.
  • Developing your career compass.

2. Initial Exploration

  • Develop the skills to continue to orient career and life goals.
  • Exploring the overlap between skills, interests, and recognized value to others.

3. Action Learning

  • Branding and positioning as you develop your short and long-term strategies.
  • Bringing others along.

4. Portfolio Building

  • Building your way forward as you leave breadcrumbs for the right people to follow and find you.
  • Visibility and value-added development.

Tuition: $197
Early bird special $147 if registered by Aug 1, 2021

If your singular obstacle to joining us is cost, please contact us.

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Tom McDonough, a career and life coach, is director of programs and founding Board member for the Institute for Career Transitions. Though his career story has allowed him to experience many roles, the underlying theme is helping colleagues clarify and align personal and career goals with their core values.