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An International Collaboration of Practitioners and Researchers on Unemployment and Underemployment

Work Interventions Network (WIN) Series

7 Mondays, starting May 3rd, 4:00-5:15 P.M. EDT (5/3 - 6/21)

“You can be anything you’re good at — as long as they’re hiring.” ~Chris Rock

Are you un- or underemployed? Are you looking for a place to understand and process all the challenges of your search? Join your peers for this upcoming series facilitated by a team of coaches committed to your success.

Background: At the outset of the pandemic, a group of 10 vocational/counseling psychologists, career practitioners, and a sociologist convened to discuss the unemployment crisis, including underemployment and seasonal work. They concurred that the challenges evoked by the massive job losses require comprehensive and flexible sources of support and skill building. Building on the services already available via employment and career transition agencies, training programs, and independent providers, they designed six workshops to support individuals who are unemployed and underemployed.

This is part of a research initiative. Participants will be asked to confidentially evaluate their experience after each group meeting. You may also be asked to be interviewed by researchers for information gathering/data collection purposes.


Creating Community 
Creating systems for ongoing support can make a difference in your journey. This is a time to meet and greet, and get orientated to ICT’s online wayfinding community.

Fostering Social Awareness and Reducing Self-Blame
Navigating work disruptions often leads individuals to experience shame and stigma along with self-blame.

Planning, Exploring, and Engaging in the Job Search (2 parts)
Losing work is a crisis, but also offers opportunities to develop a pathway to a sustainable, and optimally, meaningful work life.
Career planning developing and implementing action plans in searching for new work options and opportunities.

Deepening and Sustaining Relationships
Being unemployed or underemployed and searching for a job are often very lonely challenges.

Building Emotional Resilience and Self-Care (2 parts)
Managing unemployment and underemployment is hard and stressful. Building emotional resilience.
self-care strategies


Special offer: $35 includes the WIN sessions plus three month membership in ICT’s online wayfinding member community.

We believe everyone should have access to support. If your singular obstacle to joining us is cost, please contact us.