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A New Approach to Outplacement

For employers who understand the impact of business decisions on individuals, their families, and our communities.

Not Outplacement, Forward Placement…doing more than helping employees land on their feet…helping them flourish.

We understand ever changing markets, new economic conditions and emerging technologies require organizations today to be agile, responsive and fiscally efficient. When faced with the difficult decision to layoff or furlough employees, we offer you a new approach for helping your transitioning employees that goes far beyond typical career services programs which just focus on resume-writing and interview skills. In addition to these traditional basics, ICT helps individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to use that knowledge to chart their course for the future.

ICT provides employers with a new approach that effectively and comprehensively supports individuals during career transitions.

1 on 1 Customized Coaching and Outplacement

We work together to co-design an approach to meet each individuals unique needs. So regardless if this is your employee’s first or hundredth time in a transition, they will find value.

Holistic Approach

Transitions are hard on many levels. We work with the whole person to navigate the social-psychological choices and technical needs to update resumes and LinkedIn profiles required to move forward.

Community of Support

Job searches often take longer than one expects. We provide an ongoing community of support.

Plan Bs

As the world of work opportunities has changed, replacement jobs are not always possible. We help participants explore alternative “what if” scenarios – be it a Plan B, C, D…

Let us help you ease the transition of your exiting employees.

Call today to discuss an outplacement plan to support your transitioning employees – from a helping hand, next step support, career exploration, or designing a new entrepreneurial beginning.

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ICT envisions a society where every professional can sustain a career through inevitable uncertainties and in which “work” is an evolving concept.

Together, we can support one another through this unscripted journey better than if we try alone. Stay informed by joining our mailing list.